Ghada Amer "Ken Loves Barbie, Barbie Loves Ken"

      Fashion week is over in NYC, so after after being really busy for that week I can now relax back into my routine(or at least what I am trying to make a routine) which is making at least one thing a week,  starting next week.  This week is being cut short to go to my great friend Megan's wedding in North Carolina.  
     I have been thinking about a series about the idea of love and what that means since seeing Ghada Amer's exhibit Love Has No End at the Brooklyn museum a couple of months ago.  I have been interested in her work for about five years and until this exhibit had never seen a work of hers in person.  I found myself feeling a connection to the title of the exhibit, I started to think about what the meaning the actual words Love Has No End.  I went to hear a lecture given by Amer in which she spoke of fairy tales not existing as truths, and the idea of stories having a beginning middle and end. I started thinking about what the meaning of love and the ending of love.  I like the play on words and I like that it makes me think.