NY SHEEP AND WOOL FEST! Bunnies and Sheeps...OH MY!

   In addition to the beautiful hand made, handspun, hand naturally dyes yarns to ooggle at the NY Sheep and Wool festival had a few very interesting craftspeople who brought ceramics, fiber art, glass beads (just to name a few that interested me the most) .  I thought I'd go ahead and share a few of my favorite non-yarn finds...

Close up of a super textural Purse by Phyllis Poor.

Above and below are close up photos of Phyllis Poor's in progress tapestry, to soon be made into wearable accessories. 

   I thought this miniature punchneedle tapestry from the Woolen Whimsies booth was very interesting, you can buy the materials and use the technique to make a textural image for yourself, these miniature tapestries made me think of persian miniature paintings and how great it would be to use this technique for a more conceptual contemporary image.

Handmade glass beads from Linda MacMillan of Oak Grove Studio that are lampworked then etched for a full week.

These glass beads were SO beautiful I wanted to buy them all (literally) .  They remind me of the ancient greek glass you find in museums like the MET, like they have been buried for thousands of years.  Also, the colors were stunning in person, I wish I had a picture that did the beads justice.  I look forward to using the 3 I bought in some jewelry in the future.

Jennie E. Lanners had really cute handmade pottery with sheep and yarn mofits.

Here is Judi Lehrhaupt of Bucks County PA spinning wool fiber straight from her friend's sheep into yarn using a drop spindle.  It was great to see her spinning on a drop spindle because I think in the next few months I would like to learn how to use one.  As I said a few weeks ago for an artisit to be able to control ones materials opens the door to infinate possibilities.

What what sheep fest be without some sheeps???
At the NY Sheep and Wool fest there were buildings lined with sheeps and alpacas with information about the kind of fiber they produced.

Cute Angora Bunnies for sale...Ready for shearing!