The theme of the day is..(drumroll)...POSSIBILITIES!!!!

The "Incredible Skirt" from Twinkle's Big City Knits that I will be attempting to remake in shades of grey.  I will be uploading in progress pictures as soon as I get my materials hopefully this week.

     Home on a Friday night, some may want to be out at a club shakin' it like a polaroid picture, not I.  I am currently inspired.  Not by any one thing in particular more like the possibilities of many things.  I have been knitting a lot in the past few weeks, making hats for the winter, the hat currently in progress is a gift for my Dad's birthday. Navy. 2x2 rib. Reverse jersey.   But mostly I can not wait for the NY Sheep and Wool Festival October 18 in Rhinebeck, NY.  I can't wait to see the actual sheep that all the different yarns come from. Word on the Street( or rather my boss told me) the merino sheep have some 'tude.  I hope to see a demo on spinning yarn.  Again, like I said in if i start spinning I can make my own yarn exactly how I want it and then knit it into whatever my heart desires, not only are you designing the object (scarf, hat, sweater, etc.) but you're in control of the material itself. To me as a maker this is very exciting.  I have also started gathering materials to start a beautiful skirt from the book twinkle's big city knits by Wenlan Chia the designer of Twinkle by Wenlen(see above photo).  I have had this book for about a year now and I have not been able to muster the courage to start knitting anything from it.  Well that stops next week when I recieve my Classic Elite- La Gran yarn and the Reyold's- Lopi yarns I ordered in mostly shades of grey.  I have wanted a handknit dress for a few years now, so this is at least a start and a courageous one if I do say so myself.  I find it intimidating to embark on knitting something from a book because I am always afraid about halfway through it I'll come to the part of the instructions where I don't know what the abbreviations mean.  In addition to starting that I will also be attending the Meet Up group Krafthaus' Socktoberfest next Saturday in the LES so a few weeks from now there will be a pair of hand knit socks on my feet and a Icelandic wool/ mohair skirt on my waist.  I have a feeling I will be very warm this winter. 
     Next, onto the jewelry front.  I have been making some bezel set stone rings, one of which for my dear friend Adrienne is finally complete, professionally polished, and looking beautiful(see above photo, Adrienne's Ring).  I can't wait to see her happy face when she puts it on her finger on Monday.  While taking the ring to the polisher's on 47th st I stopped by Ross metals and bought a bunch of different styles of sterling silver chain to work into necklaces and earrings in the next few weeks(see above photo).  
      I am like a kid in a candy store when I go to places like Ross, Metaliferous, Purl, and Mood.  It can get overwhelming, not only ones wallet but also the endless thinking of how to make things, combining materials into beautiful wearable objects you can't wait to absorb into your life.  When I make something it's because I want the object in my life, these objects narrate my story of being a young woman living and working in New York City. These handmade objects tell the story of how I am feeling and how I want to feel.