Interview with Naventin

     The following is an interview with Etsy seller Naventin, I came across her unique jewelry a few months ago and have been admiring from a far ever since.  You can see her blog here.  Also she has made some really awesome videos about the process of making her work which you can see here.

Floral Ring II

Moon Earrings

El Fermell

Where do you like to work?
  I have my studio in my home, it is small but I am comfortable working in it.  I have a jeweller's table with all my tools inside and a  secondary table with chemical products that I use to clean my pieces.  At the moment I do not have any large machinery but I hope to buy a jeweller's rolling mill very soon.

What time of day is most productive for you to work?
I design and thing about possibilities for my jewellery designs at night, before going to sleep, this is the only time of day I am able to think clearly without distractions.  Then, in the morning I work making pieces in my studio, the best light to work is in the morning. 

What materials do you like to use and work with most? Where  do you buy your materials where you live?
I  work with silver and sometimes gold.  I like to experiment with textures by mixing them together with fire.
To buy materials in Barcelona I go to a store in the neighborhood, Eixample which is near el mercat de Sant Antoni (a popular market of Barcelona.  To buy stones there are various places in the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona's historic center.  

What are you currently working on in your studio?
I am working on a new collection with stones and big rings inspired by architectural forms.

What jewelry making techniques are your favorite?
I love to soldering, and using the fire to create different textures in the metal.  I also like to use the hammer to create volumes.

What kind of images inspire you?
I am inspired by nature and the environment around me, like buildings in the street and artworks in  a gallery.

Do you go to musuems? What is your favorite art related place to go where you live (Spain)?
I used to go museums when I was traveling to other cities while on vacations, like the Louvre in Paris and the Bauhaus Museum in Berlin.  Here in Barcelona I go to exhibitions at Caixaforum (like the Henry Moore exhibition  for example) or MACBA and other local exhibitions of friends (illustration, jewelry, or photography).

This one of my early works, a very special ring.  The stone is from a beach named Sant Pol, a very nice place to visit for vacation.

What is a normal day like for you, how many hours a day/ week to you get to focus and produce new works?
I currently don't have much time to work in my studio my jewellry I am working for a company that is dedicated to the environment, in addition to being a jeweler I am a biologist.

What is special and inspiring about living where you do?
Barcelona is a sunny city.  The Mediterranean climate inspires me to create organic and natural pieces.  Alos, I have a view of the sea from my window and I think my view works as a stimulus for my imagination and inspiration.

Who are your favorite jewelry designers?
Reinhold Reiling
Pilar Garrigosa

Also, Giampaolo Babetto, Ralph Bakker, Michael Becker, Melanie Bilenker, Ulrike Hamm, Leonor Hipolito, Ulla & Martin Kaufman, Constantinos Kyriacou, Stefano Marchetti, Claudia Rinneberg, Jimena Rios, and Michael Zobel.

Who are your favorite jewellers on Etsy?
Alisa Miller, Abigail Percy, and Nervous System.