And SEW, the Sewing continues....

Pieces of the jacket!

I have started sewing the Larissa Motorcycle Style Jacket from a website that has free source sewing patterns that you download and print out...I'm a little intimiadated because I'm trained to make my own patterns I don't know what all the dotted lines and symbols mean, and oh yea zippers frighten me (just a little becasue I don't have an industrial sewing machine and ideally i want my zippers to look perfect!) so here goes it.
So far my back panel is sewn together and all the pieces that will make up the jacket are cut and interfaced etc. I will upload my pics of my pile of pattens this wknd so you can see the havoc they reek in my apt.
For those interested I am making the jacket in a light grey wool and am itching to get it sewn together by v day.
The Larissa jacket, as seen on Burdastyle.