Valhalla Brooklyn!

I have treated myself to a nice bag finally. 
 I worked 2 years at a corporate job and decided I had nothing superficial to show for it, and now was the time to change that.  I originally wanted a Foley and Corrina bag that was $425 and decided instead to support a local(ish) small, independent designer(such as myself) whose handmade gorgeous leather bags run about half the price(some) of that $425. 
I am in LOVE with my new gorgeous soft as baby bottom leather bag and thought I'd share my new secret(ish) desire to collect this designer's bags.
So, friends, meet ValhallaBrooklyn.  See more of her lustworthy wares here.

Above is my new bag.

A Valhalla bag I wanted that has already sold.

My current lusting is this nude colored beauty.

I love her metal zippers, colors, colorful linings, and small details like the fringe keychain.
Check her out.
I hope to be posting an artist interview with her here in the near future!