Lisa Yuskavage, be my life coach. Please.


Sometimes I hate living in NYC.
This week I was reminded why it's not so bad in fact it can be totally awesome.
First of all a few things. I got a bike. I got myself a hipster kickball team (LOVES it). I found myself included in a group that is going to start watching documentaries. And if you know me I do enjoy myself some god docs.
And to top off the week I saw Lisa Yuskavage give a lecture.
I must be honest I have a regret.
I am too shy to ask questions at a lecture and I just now thought of a good one.
I was sifting through some her images for this post and I would have liked to have asked about the subject of eroticism in her work. Even the fruit seems to be painted in a lustful way.
Moving on.
Here are a few of my favorites via David Zwirner.
I love her use of color and that she can really paint, like she paints the shit out of these paintings.
I'm jealous of her technical skill and her using that to create provocative smart images.
See more of her work here.

The Smoker.


Manifest Destiny.