Sample Sale in Brooklyn!

 Big Sale at the Dobbin Mews this weekend, and my first since I joined the studio in January.  I will be selling jewelry and clothing among other talented jewelry, perfume, and ceramics!!!
Come by and say hello!
Our address is 50 Dobbin St in Greenpoint Brooklyn, the sale will run from 12-6.
: )

Sneak peak at the newest board short.

New dresses, New Dyeing

Summer is in full swing and I am very busy! While it is hard to be disciplined and go to my studio when the weather is gorgeous out I really feel very rewarded when dyeing new fabrics and working on new projects.
And PS the new Shabd Alexander book is awe inspiring!
Here's a peek at a new custom dress.

New Wares, New Photos

     Last weekend I finally did a Photoshoot of the new pieces I have been working on.  I was hoping to find a white wall in Greenpoint but ended up not minding the yellow wall right outside my studio.  The studio courtyard and secret garden are so dreamy, with flowers and fruit plants galore.  Here's a preview of some of the new photos:

I will be posting the scarves, dress, and shorts in my online shop here in the next week or 2.

Spring time in Brooklyn

     For those who don't like in Brooklyn, nice weather here is literally the best!  People come out from winter hibernation and sit in in the parks, ride bikes, shop, etc.  I love riding my bike around on Kent Ave to my studio.  I've been working on some new handmade scarves, jewelry, and shorts to bring to my website in the next few weeks and I hope everyone is enjoying the crazy good weather as much as me.

Wanting Of A Kind

     As a designer I ALWAYS am looking for what's new and cool, and ladies whats new and cool is pretty much everything on  Check out their website for limited edition goods from up and coming companies and designers.

Kanda Estate Tank from Osai-Duro

 Macaroni Necklace from In God We Trust

 Caribou Duffle from Cook & Gates

2012 Hand Printed Holiday Cards

I was inspired to make my own holiday cards this year by a friend who designed her own last year. I started by drawing my own paisley design in some rubber and then printed on some cards.  I haven't done any printing in a while but was pleased with the results and have received many compliments... in the rubber I haven't quite mastered making fine lines, but theres always next year.
Cheers 2013, may you bring only great things.

New Year, New Studio

Happy Holidays.
I wanted to share my excitement for the new year.  I have recently decided to get a studio space that is outside of my apartment with some amazing women whom I admire.  I am so excited to have this separate space though it will be hectic for the next few months.  I have been there a few times this week and must say is smells AMAZING thanks to Anne of MCMC fragrances one of the ladies who shares the space. Can't wait to create some new jewels and clothes!


I recently took a Digital Textile Design class at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. The class was only two sessions but for those with somewhat of a handle on Photoshop and Illustrator it was really a jumping point into textile design.
I found a Picasso painting to pull inspiration from and off I went with my watercolors. Last night I took the leap and decided to get a yard printed, for shorts obviously.

Prints Prints

 I took a Digital Textile Design class the past two weeks at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn.

Based on a vintage Japanese textile I did a gouache painting of clouds and then digitally manipulated it to create below images simulating my print on a t-shirt(white t-shirt here).
My close friend and I are determined to be weird NYC ladies by trying to layer at least 3 prints in any given outfit(this can include accessories), this is proving challenging in the summer months but the printed shorts I've been sewing (sew blog post here.) and a patterned bag from here have certainly helped in the 95 degree weather.

So many prints to work on, so little time.

BAM!!! Liam of York is Published!

Last year I was contacted by publishing house Gestalten out of Germany to be included in a contemporary studio jewelers art book and I'm proud to say after many many emails I was included in A Girl's Best Friends published earlier this year.

You can purchase A Girl's Best Friends here.

P.S. That is a photo of me in a dress I made (sewed and dyed the fabric.)

Mayleeann with Keiko Lynn

I am proud to announce a very exciting collaboration with Brooklyn based style blogger Keiko Lynn.
After meeting with Keiko Lynn a few months ago and throwing ideas back and forth we settled on collaborating on a great art deco inspired ring.  

Percentage of sales benefiting Women in Need.

If you don't know Keiko Lynn's blog you can check it out here.  Her outfits are really cute, vintage-y, and romantic.